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Alcohol – Wide range of enzyme products

Animal Nutrition – Custom blends for cats and dogs

Baking – Complete Line of products.  Also Maltogenic Amylase

Brewing – Vendor to the world’s largest brewer groups.

Cosmetics – Marine source Beta Glucan, Papain and other ingredients.

Dairy – Yeast Lactase and Microbial Rennet

Dietary Supplement – Enzymes, Beta Glucans, Probiotics and Softgels

Feed – Complete range of products – Excellent heat stable Mannanase.

Fish & Protein processing – Macerating Proteases

Food – Enzymes, Beta Glucans & other ingredients for Food, Beverage & Food Processing

Juice – Complete family of Enzyme products for the Juice industry.

Oil Drilling (Fracking) – Unique natural ingredient to replace xanthan gum

Oil processing – Application specific Lipases

Pharmaceutical – Drug Master Files for Lactase, Alpha Galactosidase, Beta Glucan etc.

Sugar – Manufacturer of Dextranase for the raw Sugar industry.

Wine industry – Complete family of Enzyme products for the Wine industry


Plus ingredients for many other industries where our ingredients apply.

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