Other Ingredients

Newgen Biotech® USA Inc. is a global supplier of non-GMO, non-animal Enzymes, Various types of Beta Glucans, Probiotics and marine micro organism sourced ingredients for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Dietary Supplement, Food & Beverage, & Personal Care etc. industries.  We offer a wide range of specialty ingredients from fermentation processes & specialty cultivation for many industries as well. 

Our marine micro organism sourced ingredients as well as fermentation processed products have many human, animal as well as industrial applications.  We have a nice range of products for Baking, Feed industry as well as the Beverage industry in Brewing, Juice, Tea (Kombucha) and Wine with excellent final product improvement capabilities.

Newgen Biotech® ingredients come in liquid, powder, softgel, hard capsule, tablet, blends, bottled and labeled, fixed or custom formats.

Please contact us for our full list of capabilities.

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