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Newgen Biotech® USA Inc. is a global supplier of products from fermentation, micro marine source and specialty cultivation.

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Beta Glucan

Marine Beta Glucan - BettHer® a patented product of Newgen Biotech® USA Inc, is the world's first marine sourced & water soluble extra-cellular beta 1,3/1,6 glucan.

Marine, Yeast & Mushroom 1,3/1,6 Beta Glucan are all available in powder form for your specific use.

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As a specialist in fermentation, Newgen Biotech USA®  is a growing global supplier of fungal and bacterial enzymes for cosmetics and a wide range of industires

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Other Ingredients

Newgen Biotech® Ningbo and it's US distributor, Newgen Biotech® USA Inc. is a global raw material and branded natural ingredient manufacturer.  Many of our products come with DMF (Drug Master Files), can be Organic, Kosher, and/or HALAL certified, & often even have its own Trade Mark, INCI name and Patents, etc.

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Lab and Lab Services

Our new US-based lab in Dallas, TX, primarily offers microbiology, enzyme, and probiotic testing. We offer in-house testing and have ongoing compliance tests as well.

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